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Be part of Australia’s first exchange traded Bitcoin fund.

BitFunds is a digital asset fund manager, founded in 2017 with a mission to provide investors with simple, regulated and familiar ways to invest in crypto assets such as Bitcoin.

XBT Investments Limited is our initial flagship investment company. Its objective is to track the performance of Bitcoin, giving Australian investors access this new asset class as it’s mainstream adoption grows.

Invest in a digital asset future


Australia’s First Exchange-Listed Bitcoin Investment Vehicle

BitFunds is a digital asset manager.

Our aim is to provide investors with simple, regulated and familiar ways to gain exposure to digital assets, such as Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

XBT Investments Limited is our initial flagship investment company. Its objective is to track the performance of Bitcoin, the world’s first and most liquid digital cryptocurrency.

BitFunds intends to conduct an Initial Public Offering (IPO) of XBT Investments Limited, a Listed Investment Company (LIC), on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) imminently.


It’s Still Early.

It’s still early.

Digital assets like bitcoin are still only beginning to grow as a digital replacement to traditional stores of wealth like physical gold and real estate. The phenomenal risk adjusted returns experienced to date, low correlation to traditional assets and ever-increasing liquidity has firmly cemented crypto assets place on the investor radar.

We Make It Easy

We make it easy

Investing in crypto assets and storing them securely is difficult and time consuming. From trusting exchanges to hold your funds, choosing the most effective method of purchase, calculating tax obligations, and knowing how to manage wallet security, the barriers to investing remain high. Bitfunds makes buying digital assets like Bitcoin as easy as buying shares.

A Proven Team

A proven team

The Bitfunds team is made up of proven fund managers and digital finance professionals with a combined 70 years experience providing licensed financial advice. Our team have managed several multi-million dollar funds and built successful digital financial services and superannuation businesses.

Our People


Jason Davis

Managing Director
Jason has 20 years’ experience in financial markets, predominately within the equities advisory segment in management and/or owner capacities. Jason is the founder of fintech company, Sell My Shares (under management).

Jason is currently focused on bringing innovative managed investment products to Australian investors. Jason holds a Master of Applied Finance from Macquarie University.

Tim Baker

Executive Chairman
Tim is a financial services professional with more than 20 years’ experience in the financial markets. Tim has helped establish and operate hedge funds, superannuation funds and manage risk within the investment banking trading businesses in Australia, Asia and the UK.

Tim is a graduate of the Institute of Company Directors, holds a Bachelor of Commerce from Curtin University and acts as a Responsible Manager for Australian Financial Services Licensees.

David Beros

Non-Executive Director
David is Head of Product at DigitalX, an ASX-listed blockchain technology company, providing software development and advisory services to firms undertaking blockchain initiatives. David has five years experience in stockbroking and wealth management, before working on digital financial services projects and technology innovation roles at large corporate in recent years.

David holds a Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com.), Finance & Economics from the University of Western Australia.

Troy Burns

Non-executive Director
Troy has more than 15 years investment and fund management experience, including management of hedge funds and multi-strategy funds at Non-Correlated Capital. Troy focuses on all facets of fund operations, and is highly qualified in risk management of futures and derivatives markets positions. Troy has raised and managed over 150 million dollars through engagements with over 100 high-net-worth clients ranging from private individuals to institutions.

A civil engineer by training, Troy’s educational qualification include an MBA and Masters of Applied Finance.

Morgan Barron

Non-Executive Chairman
Morgan has over 15 years of experience performing director and advisor roles for ASX listed companies across a broad range of sectors. Morgan has been involved in numerous capital raisings, corporate restructures, mergers, acquisitions, divestments and recapitalisations.

Morgan has a Commerce degree, is a Chartered Accountant and a member of the Institute of Company Directors. He is a partner of Ventnor Capital.

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Invest in a digital asset future

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